Tuesday, December 8, 2009

DIY Punk From The ZEROS

It's Ben Crew!
(photo by Matt Average)

I take a small detour from the recent year themed posts to post a (slightly modified) mix I made for Luis and Beata of DIY Punk and hardcore punk from earlier this decade. When I started getting into punk in the mid 90s I found myself drawn more to the punk from the 80s, especially the stuff from SoCal and the DC hardcore scenes than a lot of the more current stuff. When a lot of bands started taking on that music as influence in the late 90s and early 00s I was extremely excited. There were a lot of awesome bands that came out of that 80s revival. Here's some of my favorite stuff. A lot of really good stuff I don't have in digital format, just on vinyl, so this is definitely not a complete primer on what transpired in all those basements and VFW halls, just a cheat sheet DIY HC 101 sorta thing. Hope you like it.

  1. Limp Wrist - I Love Hardcore Boys/I Love Boys Hardcore
  2. Limp Wrist - What's Up With The Kids?
  3. Limp Wrist - The Ode
  4. Direct Control - Wicked Sick To The Gills
  5. Direct Control - Hardcore For Heroin
  6. Caustic Christ - Burned
  7. Caustic Christ - Bloodsucking Fiends
  8. Caustic Christ - I Infect
  9. Career Suicide - Fall-Out
  10. Career Suicide - Jonzo's Leaking Radiation
  11. Career Suicide - Quarantined
  12. Tear It Up - Don't Call Me Tonight
  13. Tear It Up - Close My Eyes and Hope For The Worst
  14. Surf Nazis Must Die - Emo Kids Blown To Shit
  15. Surf Nazis Must Die - I Am Angry
  16. Regulations - Destroy
  17. Regulations - Police Siren
  18. 9 Shocks Terror - Not A Fucking Anthem
  19. 9 Shocks Terror - Adjust Me
  20. Cold Sweat - Fuck The Flock/My Rights
  21. Cold Sweat - Burn Everything
  22. Tragedy - The Ending Fight
  23. The Observers - Symbols, Slogans, Lies
  24. The Observers - Lead Pill
  25. Fucked Up - Circling The Drain
  26. Fucked Up - Police
  27. Total Fury - I Win, You Lose
  28. Total Fury - Showdown
  29. Annihilation Time - Feel It
  30. Annihilation Time - Annihilate
  31. D.S.-13 - Lie
  32. D.S.-13 - Umea Hardcore
  33. Municipal Waste - Mutants Of War
  34. Municipal Waste - Substitute Creature
  35. No Hope For The Kids - Secret Police
  36. No Hope For The Kids - Rainy Day
  37. Punch In The Face - Not Here To Make Friends
  38. Punch In The Face - Dumb Hardcore
  39. Street Trash - Street Trash
  40. Street Trash - What The Shit
  41. Victims - Moments
  42. Victims - We Are Dead
  43. RunnAmucks - Detonation
  44. RunnAmucks - I Gotta Move
  45. Suicide File - I Hate You

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